Screencast: Catalyst in action

Last week we shared our first screencast of Forge in action, walking you through the build-test workflow – this week, we wanted to show you how you can use Catalyst to easily test and debug your app. Check it out:

Normally, debugging for mobile – without the same tools available as you get for web development – is a real pain. Catalyst makes it simpler, giving you a full WebKit-like debugger for mobile.

Catalyst is our hosted version of the Weinre project, and features a panel for debugging your Forge API calls, alongside areas to inspect your code and JavaScript log. You can use it with the regular mobile browser to debug mobile web pages as well as with Forge to debug HTML5 code that has been wrapped inside a native WebView.

In the video, I show how to debug the app we built in the last screencast, and test it live in the iPhone simulator. You can use Catalyst to:

  • Navigate and alter the DOM, including styling with the Elements tab
  • Query JavaScript objects and test code inside the WebView with the Console tab
  • Observe network usage and execution order
  • Log debug messages to the console and track Forge API calls when building hybrid apps  with Forge

Try it out and let us know how you get on – firing all your support questions to, where we’ll gladly help you out.

We had a great response from last week’s video, and we’ll hope to do more of these down the line and drill a bit deeper into Forge – let us know what you’d like us to cover, and make sure you follow us on Twitter to catch the next installment!