Using Geolocation and GMaps with, Appnovation gets first-time App Store approval

We’ve been supporting enterprise development shop Appnovation in building their first Forge app. The app – for – lets (Canadian) users find their nearest accountants, using our framework to wrap their app to native (packaged for iPhone and Android), handle cross-domain requests and native geolocation features through our API.

Google Maps and Geolocation API integration

Under the hood, the map is integrated with simple HTML and JavaScript with the standard Google Maps API, with calls to Trigger’s Forge handling geolocation:

Though it can be done with HTML5, geolocation is one feature that’s handled better through a bridge to native – using forge.geolocation. For one thing, this way we don’t push ugly pop-up confirmations to the user on every run.

Forge also handled cross-domain requests within the app – giving us a lot more freedom than a straightforward HTML5 mobile-app:

First-time App Store approval

Best of all, the app was accepted into the iOS Store on its first submission – we’re proud to see our framework is strict, neat and tidy enough to pass through Apple’s approval process without any setbacks.

Many App Store rejections happen due to use of undocumented APIs or failing to include interface elements such as launch images. We made sure to implement our native wrapper to follow Apple’s documentation as closely as possible, so our customers don’t need to worry about it. Appnovation were able to prepare their app, and deploy it quickly, on deadline, with no hitches – keeping their client happy.

Canadians especially should check out the app on iOS and Android stores, and find out more about Appnovation’s work at

Next steps for Appnovation

When we first reached out to Appnovation, we realized that they are always interested in providing innovative solutions to their clients and we had one we figured they’d love to test out.

“Anyone who has tried to deploy an HTML5 app in native iOS/Android wrappers will tell you how much of their time went into installing, setting up and correctly configuring each native project and IDE, the cumbersome build & test cycles,” they told us. “Add code-signing certificates, and an unfamiliar XCode interface to the mix, and curve gets steeper for HTML5 developers.”

So we’re psyched to hear they’re interested in our approach and will be making sure to look at Trigger for future projects if there is a technology fit. They have a killer roster of enormous, Fortune 500 clients that demand the highest-quality apps for their businesses. We’re proud to see our framework stacking up to such high standards.

Appnovation told us:

“The great thing about Trigger is we never had to touch XCode or Eclipse. We learned a few simple shell commands: forge create, forge build, forge run, forge package. Trigger centralizes all configs in a single, intuitive JSON file, and we were off creating & testing native builds in minutes.”

Appnovation have been an awesome customer, and we thank them for all their kind words about using our framework.

Thanks, guys. Here’s to the next one.