New features: video capture, network status APIs available, WebSQL support, improved modal view

Our development team organizes themselves in two week sprints. We’ve just completed one and added some major new features to the platform. This sprint we added:

  • Improved Modal View with styling options
  • Video Capture API
  • Network Status API
  • WebSQL Support

Improved Modal View

forge.tabs.openWithOptions now allows you to customize the appearance of modal views on mobile.

Video Capture API

New API forge.file.getVideo allows you to develop apps that include video capture where the device supports that.


  • params (object) — object optional parameters.
  • success (function(file)) — callback to be invoked when no errors occur (argument is the returned file)
  • error (function(content)) — called with details of any error which may occur

Network Status API

New API methods and let you change your apps’ behavior according to the connection status.

Return boolean:

  Returns true if a mobile device has an active internet connection.

Return boolean:

  Returns true if a mobile device is connected via wifi.

WebSQL support

The normal web database API is now available:

Note: not all browsers support Web SQL

For example, one of the tests we run is similar to this: