New features roundup: test iPhone / iPad apps on Windows; embed media players and widgets; updated Toolkit

While we were on our work trip away last sprint, we spent most of our time on a major new product strand which we’ll announce soon, but we also found time to improve the core. Here are the main things we added.

Build and test your iPhone / iPad app on Windows

This was a feature that was built by Connor during our work on what you want week. Previously, you needed a Mac to be able to sign an iOS app and test it on a device. But we’ve now released our remote signing service so you can build and test your iOS apps on Windows – no Mac in sight.

You can find the details on how to do this here in our documentation. You’ll still need an iOS developer account, and a device connected to your computer by USB. But once you’ve followed the setup steps, building and testing your iPhone or iPad app will be as simple as:

Updated Toolkit

We’ve continued to improve our UI Toolkit side-by-side with our command-line tools. You can get the latest version here. In this version we’ve added:

  • Improved reliability and UI
  • Ability to re-run builds from run page
  • Enable interactive prompts during build process
  • Performance improvements

Embed media players and widgets

iframes are now allowed on iOS so you’re able to embed buttons or widgets like SoundCloud or YouTube widgets for example like you normally would: