v1.4 platform released

This is a major platform release that will require an upgrade step, which can be as easy as running

Major new features include Facebook SDK integration and a Barcode / QR module, and here are the full upgrade instructions and release notes.¬†We’ll also be announcing another major feature soon that’s included in v1.4 and the eagle-eyed may spot early signs.

The new Barcode scanning module will be a premium module which means it will be part of a (new) paid plan only. You can try it out for free for now while it is in beta. Email support@trigger.io to be notified on pricing.

Facebook SDK integration


It’s already possible to use Facebook oauth and REST API with Trigger.io but with our integration of the native Facebook SDK, that process has become even easier.

Authentication with Facebook and getting the last three posts of the user is as simple as:



Barcode / QR scanning

How easy can it get! With the barcode module enabled, just do:

Get this QR code into your emulator and that code snippet will direct you to trigger.io once you take a picture of it.

Try it out for yourself by signing up now.