Announcing Reload – iterate fast on mobile

Getting updates to your users and A/B testing your mobile app can be slow and painful. Yet, iterating quickly is so important to a mobile product’s success, as Andrew Chen talked about yesterday.

So we’re excited to announce the availability of Reload today. Reload allows you to iterate at web speed by pushing updates to the HTML5 code in your mobile app instantly without users having to install an update from the App Store or through TestFlight.

See it action now using the Sales Square app I demo-ed a couple of weeks ago:

  • Update your test users without needing to go through Test Flight or send a .apk
  • Push bug fixes and feature improvements to your live users right away
  • Easily setup different user streams for A/B testing
  • Apple only allow this with a hybrid app architecture like’s
  • Sign up for our Go Iterate plan to try it.

Why hybrid apps? has always been faster and simpler for web devs to develop with, compared to learning native languages. But now, with Reload, we also provide a capability that is impossible to achieve with native code alone.

This is why major mobile apps such as Google Offers and LinkedIn adopt a hybrid approach – so they can iterate fast across platforms.

How Reload came to be

We first considered adding Reload to our platform when OkCupid Labs, who are building on, suggested that such a feature would be super useful for them. We also saw what (a fellow Y Combinator company) were doing, providing an update and A/B testing capability for native developers as an SDK. We wanted to give the web developers who build with us a similar capability.

So we realized that the ability to push updates to the HTML5 code in a app, without needing to go through the App Store or Test Flight, was a natural fit for our platform.

Now here it is!

Get started

The Reload module is enabled in newly created apps by default. To make sure you’ll be able to reload updates for your users in the future, you just need to make sure your configuration includes:

To push a Reload to existing users, just use the Reload tab in the Toolkit. It’s as simple as that!

When you reload a new version of your code through the Toolkit UI, users will see the new version of your code when they switch away from your app and switch back to it and the default behavior does not require any change to your app’s logic.

But you can also have finer-grain control over this process using the JavaScript API described in our documentation so you can make the update happen in the app even faster like I showed in the screencast.

You can use a few Reloads per month to test it out as part of our free trial. Or sign-up to Go Iterate now to use it in anger and start iterating now.