Introducing Projects

App development is a team sport and most of you want to develop more than one. Which is why, late last week, we pushed a major update to the Toolkit and our website to support Projects.

We wanted to make collaboration much easier than it has been before. Also, many of you are contracted to develop apps on behalf of several end clients. So we wanted to make it simple to separate out different projects and have different apps for each.

So what’s changed?

You develop, build, test and package as you always have. But you manage your account and share your app code in a different way.

Your account can own one or several Projects. Each Project consists of apps that you build and team members with whom you collaborate. If you have an existing account, your first Project has automatically been created for you, and any apps that you’ve created before will be part of that first Project. If you create a new account you will be prompted to create your first Project:

You can create new Projects from your account page. Each Project has its own pricing plan which you should pick based on how many apps you’re building, the team size, and support requirements for the particular Project.

How do I interact with my Projects in the Toolkit?

  1. Start the Toolkit as you normally would.
  2. Incidentally, as part of this release we’ve combined the Toolkit and website login so if you’re logged in once you’re logged in to the same account across both.

  3. The home screen is now the Projects screen – you can see the list of your Projects, manage them or dive into them by clicking on the name:
  4. If you click on the Project name you are taken to the manage apps screen:

    From there you can create apps or import them by clicking the buttons. Or just click through the app name to run or package on various platforms. The difference now is that, as long as you are an owner or collaborator on the project, you can import app code without needing to create your own src/identity.json.

  5. To invite other team members to work on a Project with you, click ‘Manage’ next to the Project in your Toolkit homepage. Your team members will need to have created their own account and you reference them by email address:
  6. Once they have been added to the Project, you can share your app code with them via your usual source control. They can use the “Import existing app” button, pointing the Toolkit at the source you’ve shared with them, to start working on the app with you.

Awesome! Now what’s next?

We’re always working to add new native APIs, UI components and improve the tooling.

Email with your suggestions. We’d love to hear from you!

On top of that, you can expect releases soon which make our Native Plugins even more powerful, and simpler to share and consume.