Build content-rich mobile apps with and the Rackspace Open Cloud

We’re excited to announce a partnership with Rackspace to make building content-rich mobile apps simple in the Open Cloud.


Read more about Rackspace’s mobile developer ecosystem launch today. We’re delighted to be part of it.

Building mobile apps, which include large photo and video content, but still perform and download fast is usually challenging. But by integrating Reload and Rackspace Cloud Files, it’s possible to achieve fast performance by storing media locally within the app, while also allowing fast updates from the cloud.

Learn the technical details of the integration in our docs, and see it in action with our demo app in this screencast:

Challenges of large content in mobile apps

The initial user experience is so important to attract and retain users for your mobile app. But to keep their attention you also need to provide fresh new content all the time.

This means you have to overcome the following challenges to build a great content-rich mobile app. Your app must:

  • Be small to allow for fast download onto the device
  • Have content local to the app for fast performance and a great offline experience
  • Be able to access new content to keep the user engaged

Achieving all three requirements at the same time is challenging. You must package some content locally while also having a mechanism to pull down new, remotely hosted content in the background.

Using Reload with Rackspace Cloud Files

You can overcome the challenges of using large content in mobile apps by using Reload with Rackspace Cloud Files.

Rackspace Cloud Files provides a scalable, high-performance CDN that’s perfect for your web apps, and now, with the integration with Reload, ideal for your mobile apps as well. Reload makes it simple to update the content of your mobile app in the background.

You can see how to use the two together in our docs. Sign-up for and the Rackspace Open Cloud now to follow along yourself.

What’s next?

Expect more integrations and tutorials down the line showing how you can use’s tools in conjunction with Rackspace’s cloud service to create amazing mobile apps using the best of HTML5 and native.

Rackspace is committed to supporting mobile app development by providing open hybrid cloud services in all categories so we’re delighted to announce this initial integration and partnership.

If you’re building content–rich mobile apps, we’d love to hear from you, get in touch with us at and sign-up to get started now.