The simplest way to build amazing mobile apps

  • Build native apps for iOS and Android using JavaScript
  • Native UI, push, analytics, login modules "out-of-the box"
  • Cloud build service, no need to setup Eclipse / Xcode
  • Update your app without re-submitting to the App Store
  • Open platform, extend with hooks, write native modules Forge command line
Alex Schiff
Trigger is the first mobile HTML5 framework we've tried that delivers the performance we need. We had several people email us after we launched our new Trigger-powered apps complimenting us on our 'switch to native.' Alex Schiff, Co-founder and CEO, Fetchnotes
I updated my client's app to v2.0. We're on a hyper-compressed dev timescale, so I was REALLY hoping the upgrade was painless. What. Can. I. Say. Absolutely fantastic, really seeing the difference in v2.0. You folks totally rock. Alan Graham, The Simpler Solution Ltd
Chris Corriveau
Trigger just works. It get's out of your way so that your team can just build a hybrid mobile app fast. We especially like the Plugin option. This allows us to use native functionality where it makes sense. Chris Corriveau, CTO, StockTwits
Patrick Rudolph allows us to rapidly and easily build mobile apps using our existing experience in web technologies.... we get to use push notifications, native event listening and many more native features. Patrick Rudolph, Mobile Lead, Hojoki
Garrett Gottlieb
Trigger made it dead simple for us to integrate with the native Facebook SDK and Parse for push notifications. I can't believe how much Trigger has accelerated our development! Garrett Gottlieb, Co-founder and CEO, PumpUp
Jake Smith
I've used Phonegap before, and in comparison, is really fantastic. It's really made me more able to focus on development, rather than pulling my hair out trying to figure out building and deploying. Jake Smith, Nerd Nerd at Fivable
Zviki Cohen setup is as simple as it should be, getting you up and running in minutes. We got everything we wanted like GeoLocation, Facebook signups, native alerts and more. And the reload feature gives you an extra edge over native apps. Zviki Cohen (@zvikico), Co-founder and CTO, Superfly
So far I love! Way easier to get something up and running than using eclipse + phonegap. I'm surprised it just worked and loaded to my phone straight away without any issues. Tim Robinson, TowerStorm
Chris Courtney
The News Apps team at the Chicago Tribune is a relatively small operation. allows us to spend more of our time serving the community and build new information experiences rather than maintaining multiple repos of platform-specific code for every app we build. Chris Courtney, News Apps team, Chicago Tribune has allowed us to easily build HTLM5 based native-apps for both iPhone and Android very rapidly and cost effectively. With the help of, as even a small developer, we're able to keep up with the pace and speed of large gaming companies for developing 'native' applications in HTML5. Phil Liu, Yoink Games
I'm gonna wrap it with @triggercorp :) It's like phone gap, but done right. Sebastian Slomski
Zoheb Sait
Just want to say pretty impressive product! Much much easier than phonegap to get off the ground, and it just works out of the box! :) Zoheb Sait, Lead Software Architect at Sefaira
Marcus Gartner
Trigger allowed us to build an iPhone and Android app in just weeks, with ZERO platform-specific code. Trigger's support team held our hand throughout the entire process of making an app, even helping us deal with App Store. Marcus Gartner, CTO, Fanium
Awesome work. I'm (or was) a phonegap developer. I tried your Toolkit today for the first time. What a painless experience. Thumbs up! Philip Roche, Ticket ABC
Tom Pospisil
Loving the simple build configuration & command line interface. The build process is lightweight and fast. Great work guys! Tom Pospisil, Appnovation
Hunter Browning has been fantastic for our high speed start-up because it provided a cost effective development solution that allowed us to iterate rapidly, keeping our users happy and engaged! Hunter Browning, President, Fannect

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Build native mobile apps for multiple platforms from a single codebase

Native topbar and tabbar

    text: "Search",
    position: "left"
}, function () {
    alert("Search pressed");

Push notifications"beta-testers",
    function () {"subscribed");
    function (err) {
        forge.logging.error("error subscribing" +

Facebook SDK

forge.facebook.authorize(['read_stream', 'publish_stream'],
    function() {

        //Get the last 3 posts for authorized user
        forge.facebook.api('me/feed', { limit: 3 },
            function(response) { /* ... */

File and camera access

forge.file.getImage(function(file) {
    forge.file.imageURL(file, function(url) {
        $('image').attr('src', url);

Barcode / QR scanning

forge.barcode.scan(function (value) {

    //If scanned value is a URL open it in a browser;

Geolocation and maps

forge.geolocation.getCurrentPosition(function(position) {
    //Use the location to set a market on Google maps
    var latLng = new google.maps.LatLng(
        function(src) {
            var marker = new google.maps.Marker({
                position: latLng,
                title: "Current Position",
                icon: src,
                map: myMap
            }); /* ... */

You write your HTML5 code using the Forge JavaScript API which gives you access to native features such as the camera and contacts API.

Our cloud build service does the rest to create your native apps for iPhone, iPad and Android. Learn how Forge works.

Update your mobile apps at web speed, delight your users Reload

Iterating on mobile is usually much slower than on the web since you need to go through the App Store process or TestFlight for each update.

Now Reload allows you to iterate at web speed by pushing updates to the HTML5 code in your mobile app instantly without users having to install an update. Learn more...

Extend your app and dev process with custom modules and build hooks Modules screenshot Modules

Extend Forge with your own or 3rd party native modules. Easily embed SDKs for cloud services using Modules.

Add post or pre-build hooks to our build process. Pre-process your code, such as adding a coffeescript build step, and modify the built app directories and executables.

Command-line and GUI for creating, building and running Forge apps Toolkit

You develop in whichever IDE or text editor that you like, and then interact with our cloud build service using our toolkit GUI interface or command line tools when you come to build and test your native app.
Try it now... Toolkit screenshot

WebKit / Firebug-style debugger for mobile Catalyst

Debugging HTML5 code that has been built as a native app can be a pain, but we've made it simple by offering Catalyst, a WebKit-style debugger.

So now you can debug your native mobile app in the same way as you'd debug a web app. Try it now...