Beta Release Notes

This file contains information about new features, bug fixes and known issues with Beta releases of the Forge platform.

When reporting issues, please include:

  • Your application's src/config.json and src/identity.json files.
  • Your host operating system. (e.g. OSX)
  • Details of the Android hardware you are testing on. (e.g. Samsung S6)
  • Which version of Android you are testing on (e.g. Android 5.1)
  • Any log output leading up to your issue. (e.g. output from the forge command, the contents of forge-error.log and/or any relevant output from adb logcat)
  • Any sample code we can use to replicate the error.

v2.10 Beta

Important: v2.10 is a breaking release from v2.9, please read the Forge 2.10 Migration Guide before updating your app.
If you have questions or run into issues with migration please check out the Forge Platform v2.10 topic on the community forum.


Released: 29 September 2021


  • Update Android SDK to latest release for api-31 aka "Android S" aka "Android 12"


  • Update Xcode to 13.0 Release



  • Add support for building Android App Bundle (AAB) release files.
  • Add optional options for AAB signing: android.dontsign, android.profile.sigalg, android.profile.digestalg
  • Update Android SDK to api-31 aka "Android S" aka "Android 12"
  • Update Gradle to 6.7.1
  • Update Android Gradle plugin to 4.2.0


  • Update Xcode to 13.0 Beta 3