Beta Release Notes

This file contains information about new features, bug fixes and known issues with Beta releases of the Forge platform.

When reporting issues, please include:

  • Your application's src/config.json and src/identity.json files.
  • Your host operating system. (e.g. OSX)
  • Details of the Android hardware you are testing on. (e.g. Samsung S6)
  • Which version of Android you are testing on (e.g. Android 5.1)
  • Any log output leading up to your issue. (e.g. output from the forge command, the contents of forge-error.log and/or any relevant output from adb logcat)
  • Any sample code we can use to replicate the error.

v2.7 Beta

Important: v2.7 is a breaking release from v2.6, please read the Forge 2.7 Migration Guide before updating your app.
If you have questions or run into issues with migration please check out the Forge Platform v2.7 topic on the community forum.

v2.7.1beta-5 Staging

Released: TBD

v2.7.1beta-4 Released

Released: 18 September 2018

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Content insets are not set correctly for the tabs module when WKWebView is selected
  • Fixed: WKWebView fails to resize to screen after soft keyboard is hidden.
  • Fixed: Crash when pushing back button to exit fullscreen video on Android Pie devices

Platform Features

  • New flag: android_workaround_transparent_statusbar_keyboard_bug
  • New flag: ios_workaround_uiwebview_keyboard_bug_on_ios12
  • Xcode 10.0 GM support


Released: 12 September 2018

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Some Android devices only display a default icon if no adaptive icons are specified.

Platform Features

  • New core events: forge.event.keyboardDidShow, forge.event.keyboardDidHide docs
  • Bump Android support library version to 28.0.0-rc02


Released: 28 August 2018

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: iOS 12 WKWebView reports incorrect safe area insets

Platform Features

v- New core API: docs - Xcode 10 Beta 6 support

Module Updates

  • file 2.23
    • Move file.getImage() and file.getVideo() options that rely on camera and/or microphone access permissions to the new capture module.
  • permissions 2.0
    • Fixed: iOS app store rejections caused by unused permission API's
  • geolocation 2.8
    • Fixed: iOS app store rejections caused by unused permission API's
  • calendar 2.9
    • Fixed: iOS app store rejections caused by unused permission API's
  • contact 2.12
    • Fixed: iOS app store rejections caused by unused permission API's
  • parse 2.19
    • Updated Parse iOS SDK to 1.16.0
    • Removed unused Parse API's dependent on iOS CoreLocation.framework to resolve app store submission issues.

New Modules

  • capture 2.0
    • Provides forge.capture.getImage() and forge.capture.getVideo() methods equivalent to the corresponding methods from the file module.


Released: 02 July 2018

Known Issues

  • iOS 12 WKWebView reports incorrect safe area insets

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: iOS apps do not produce logging output when run on the simulator.
  • Fixed: Windows build error: 'utf8' codec can’t decode byte 0x92 in position 24: invalid start byte link

Platform Features

  • iOS 12 support
  • Minimum iOS version supported is now: iOS 10
  • Xcode 10 Beta 5 support
  • Android "Pie" (API Level 28) support
  • Android Studio 3.1.4 support
  • High Efficiency Image File Format (HEIF) compatibility support for Android and iOS
  • Android adaptive icon support
  • Android display cutout support
  • Package name validation
  • New core API: forge.layout.getSafeAreaInsets docs
  • New core API: forge.layout.setContentInsetAdjustmentBehavior docs

Module Updates

  • file 2.22
    • Automatically normalize URL's when using forge.httpd
  • httpd 0.9
    • Support https
  • icons 2.9
    • Android adaptive icon support
  • tabbar 2.7
    • Android P support
  • tabs 2.23
    • Android P support
  • topbar 2.15
    • Android P support
    • Android display cutout support
    • Moved API method topbar.setStatusBarStyle to display module.
    • Moved config option topbar.statusBarStyle to
  • display 2.11
    • Android P support
    • Android display cutout support
    • Renamed config section: display.fullscreen to and display.statusbar.ios
    • Renamed config option: display.statusbar.background-color to
    • New API method: display.setStatusBarStyle
    • New config option: