Common problems

This page details some of the common problems when developing modules. If you can't find information on the problem you are having then you can email or check

Toolkit error messages

As modules have a greater affect on the build process it is far easier for a module to cause issues when trying to build an app using it, to limit this the Toolkit will try to detect common problems while you develop your module. This page contains some more detailed information about the various errors that can appear while developing, and how you can fix them.

iOS/Android inspector not found

This is shown when your module contains an Android or iOS folder but no matching inspector project is found.

iOS/Android inspector out of date

This message is shown when your current inspector project was not created with the files included in your modules folder and with the current modules platform version. This generally indicates you should update your inspector project before continuing development.

The directory 'x' was expected to be a file

This error is shown if a directory is found in a location that a file was expected, for example if a modules jar file was actually an extracted folder rather than a compressed file.

The file 'x' was expected to be a directory

Similarly this error is shown if a file is found in a location that was expected to be a directory. An example of this would be if an iOS bundle was a file, iOS bundles are actually a special type of directory that appears as a single file in Finder.

The path 'x' is required and was not found

This error means a file that is required based on the current structure of your module was not found. The most common example of this is if an android folder is found within your module then a module.jar file must be included within that folder.

The path 'x' was found but not expected

This warning means a file or directory was found with a path that was not expected, this generally won't cause a problem in itself, but this file will not be used when including the module in a Forge build, and could mean it is named incorrectly or placed in the wrong location.

File 'android/module.jar' is not a valid jar file containing a Forge Android module with name 'x'

The Toolkit checks the jar file for your module contains a class which looks like it belongs to your module, if it can't find it then something is probably wrong with the structure of your code or with the way you created you jar file. Check your module is named correctly and you include a for that module name in your jar, if you still see problems then get in touch so we can look into it.

File 'ios/module.a' is not a valid static library file containing a Forge iOS module with name 'x'

The Toolkit checks your built iOS module contains classes that look like they belong to your module, if it can't find them then something is probably wrong with the file you've built. Read through the docs and rebuild your module, if you can't solve the problem get in touch and we'll be able to help you out.

Validation for 'x' failed: ...

If your error message isn't explicitly listed above but starts with this text it means the given file failed some kind of pre-upload validation we perform, often a more descriptive error message will be given. Check the file follows this documentation and if you still can't resolve the issue get in touch.