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ExclusionStrategy A strategy (or policy) definition that is used to decide whether or not a field or top-level class should be serialized or deserialized as part of the JSON output/input. 


FieldAttributes A data object that stores attributes of a field. 
FieldNamingPolicy An enumeration that defines a few standard naming conventions for JSON field names. 
FieldNamingStrategy A mechanism for providing custom field naming in Gson. 
ForgeActivity The Forge subclass of Activity. 
ForgeApp Static access to various useful parts of the application, as well as methods to control communication between Javascript and Java. 
ForgeEventListener Plugin event listeners should extend this class, and implement any methods they wish to handle events from. 
ForgeFile Object containing information about a file with methods to access it. 
ForgeIntentResultHandler Class to hold a callback to handle the results from an Intent  
ForgeLog Output log entries to logcat / Trigger toolkit  
ForgeParam Used on Forge API method parameters to determine what Javascript parameters will be passed to each Java parameter. 
ForgeTask A ForgeTask contains details about a native API call from Javascript, and has several helper methods to perform common tasks from a native API call. 
ForgeUtil A collection of useful functions  


Gson This is the main class for using Gson. 

Use this builder to construct a Gson instance when you need to set configuration options other than the default. 


InstanceCreator<T> This interface is implemented to create instances of a class that does not define a no-args constructor. 


JsonArray A class representing an array type in Json. 
JsonDeserializationContext Context for deserialization that is passed to a custom deserializer during invocation of its deserialize(JsonElement, Type, JsonDeserializationContext) method. 

Interface representing a custom deserializer for Json. 

JsonElement A class representing an element of Json. 
JsonIOException This exception is raised when Gson was unable to read an input stream or write to one. 
JsonNull A class representing a Json null value. 
JsonObject A class representing an object type in Json. 
JsonParseException This exception is raised if there is a serious issue that occurs during parsing of a Json string. 
JsonParser A parser to parse Json into a parse tree of JsonElement
JsonPrimitive A class representing a Json primitive value. 
JsonSerializationContext Context for serialization that is passed to a custom serializer during invocation of its serialize(Object, Type, JsonSerializationContext) method. 
JsonSerializer<T> Interface representing a custom serializer for Json. 
JsonStreamParser A streaming parser that allows reading of multiple JsonElements from the specified reader asynchronously. 
JsonSyntaxException This exception is raised when Gson attempts to read (or write) a malformed JSON element. 


LongSerializationPolicy Defines the expected format for a long or Long type when its serialized. 


TypeAdapter<T> Converts Java objects to and from JSON. 
TypeAdapterFactory Creates type adapters for set of related types.