Working behind a proxy

With the forge command line tool

If you're having trouble running the tools behind a proxy server, you can modify forge_build.json in the directory where you installed the forge tools to look like:


    "main": {
        "server": " ", 
        "proxies": { 


Note: Make sure to specify the proxy for https as all traffic to our services is over https.

With the Trigger Toolkit

As above, you need to modify forge_build.json to use a proxy for all https traffic. The location of this depends on your operating system:

On Windows Vista/7

C:\Users\<Your User>\AppData\Local\Trigger Toolkit\build-tools\forge_build.json

On Windows 2000/XP

C:\Documents and Settings\<Your User>\Local Settings\Application Data\Trigger Toolkit\build-tools\forge_build.json


<your home directory>/Applications/

Using the Python distribution

<path to the Trigger Toolkit>/build-tools/forge_build.json