The Toolkit

Important: The Toolkit is no longer supported.
Please use the Forge command-line tools instead.

The Toolkit is a graphical interface to start / stop builds, package your app, push Reload updates to your users and create native modules.

It offers more functionality than the command-line tools and is the preferred user interface for new and existing users.

Installing the Toolkit

You can download the Toolkit installer from

Follow the OS-specific instructions on the download page to install and start the Toolkit.

Common tasks in the Toolkit

Creating a new project

Open the toolkit and click the "Create a new project" button.

A page on our website will be opened so that you can enter the new project name and select a project plan.

Create New Project

Creating a new app

Enter into a project by clicking on its name, then click the "Create new app" button (shown in pink).

If one of your colleagues has sent you the source code for an existing app, chose "Import existing app" (shown in blue) and navigate to where the source is on your computer.

Create New App

Creating a new module

Inside a project, click the "Create new module" button.

This option will only be available if modules are enabled for this project - contact for more information.

Create New module

Changing the configuration for an app

Enter into an app by clicking on its name, then click on the App config link in the sidebar.

See Configuration for your app for more information about how to use this interface.

App Config

Running an app on an iOS device

You may want to first update your Toolkit configuration to run the app on the right device or emulator.

Enter the Tools config, then update the three settings concerning running iOS apps (marked in pink).

Local Config

You can also set up provisioning profiles (marked in blue) and developer identities here: see Configuration for the tools for more information about how to use this interface.

Then, click on "iOS" in the Run section to start the app running.

Running an app on Android

In the same way as iOS, extra configuration parameters are available for Android in the Tools config, but you normally don't need to update these.

Just click on "Android" in the Run section to start the app running on a device (if one is attached) or to start the emulator.