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Hojoki makes all your cloud apps work as one.

Get push notifications and discuss your work as it happens. Works with Google Drive & Calendar, Dropbox, Evernote.

Patrick Rudolph allows us to rapidly and easily build mobile apps using our existing experience in web technologies.... we get to use push notifications, native event listening and many more native features. Patrick Rudolph, Mobile Lead, Hojoki

PumpUp is the workout coach designed to fit your life.

We’re proud to help our members overcome adversity, reach their personal fitness goals, and live a more healthy lifestyle!

Garrett Gottlieb
Trigger made it dead simple for us to integrate with the native Facebook SDK and Parse for push notifications. I can't believe how much Trigger has accelerated our development! Garrett Gottlieb, Co-founder and CEO, PumpUp

Superfly Hotels - manage your rewards and earn up to 10% cashback on hotel bookings, worldwide.

Organize all your frequent flier, hotel and car rental memberships in one spot. Find the best hotels considering your loyalty programs. 5-10% cash back on all hotel booking! The more you spend the more you'll earn.

Zviki Cohen setup is as simple as it should be, getting you up and running in minutes. We got everything we wanted like GeoLocation, Facebook signups, native alerts and more. Zviki Cohen (@zvikico), Co-founder and CTO, Superfly

Fetchnotes - your mind's best friend.

Fetchnotes makes productivity as simple as writing a tweet. It's an easy way to keep track of the things you need and want to do with the same style as Twitter.

Alex Schiff
Trigger is the first mobile HTML5 framework we've tried that delivers the performance we need. We had several people email us after we launched our new Trigger-powered apps complimenting us on our 'switch to native.' Alex Schiff, Co-founder and CEO, Fetchnotes


Rewardjunkie! a is a fun, new way to be rewarded at the places you love.

Forget carrying those pesky loyalty cards and paper vouchers, get rewarded every time you swipe your eftpos or credit card at local retailers.

Native functions. Cross platform. No headaches. Brady Thomas, co-founder at Rewardjunkie!

Does your team have the best fans? Of course they do! But wait... how do you prove it?

Fannect is a sports app that determines which teams have the best sports fans, and where you rank as a fan of your team.

Hunter Browning has been fantastic for our high speed start-up because it provided a cost effective development solution that allowed us to iterate rapidly, keeping our users happy and engaged! Hunter Browning, President, Fannect

Introducing Chicago Breaking News — the easiest way to monitor all the breaking news in and around Chicago.

It's light and fast. The app updates automatically. No advertisements. Portrait and landscape orientation support. Powered by the Chicago Tribune. To access all of our in-depth news coverage, visit the new

Chris Courtney allows us to spend more of our time serving the community and build new information experiences rather than maintaining multiple repos of platform-specific code for every app we build. Chris Courtney, News Apps team, Chicago Tribune
Chicago Tribune
Fight Stream

Fight Stream by Fanium puts breaking boxing and MMA news right in the palm of your hand.

Download the app today to browse upcoming fights and receive real-time and insightful tweets from boxing and MMA experts.

Marcus Gartner
Trigger allowed us to build an iPhone and Android app in just weeks, with ZERO platform-specific code. Trigger's support team held our hand throughout the entire process of making an app, even helping us deal with App Store. Marcus Gartner, CTO, Fanium


TacheLapse by Gamaroff Digital

It's Movember. You're growing yourself an awesome 'tache. The world needs to bear witness to this.

Mike Gamaroff
Trigger is a reliable platform with a very fast cloud service for compiling the apps. We're finding a number of ways to efficiently build cross-platform applications more cheaply and quickly for the global brands we serve. Mike Gamaroff, CEO, Gamaroff Digital

Paris Boo - Discover all the best tips Parisians whisper.

The essential guide to Paris. All the best places in Paris according to our readings and friends.

Florent Bourgeois
We had to develop a paid and cross-platform native application. And everything had to be produced in two weeks. allowed us to meet these commitments. There is something magical about! Florent Bourgeois at Creative Area
Paris BOO