Module Index

accelerometer by
APIs to access accelerometer data
barcode by
Scanner for 2D barcodes and QR codes
bolts by
Bolts Shared Framework
browsersettings by
Set some useful browser configuration options.
calendar by
Create calendar events on the users device
camera by
Light-weight camera access for Android
capture by
Access files from camera or gallery
contact by
Access contacts saved by the user on their device
damn_you_form_assist by Fetchnotes
A native Trigger.IO plugin that yanks the nasty form assistant from Mobile Safari web views
display by
Configure display behaviour, like rotation and fullscreen, for your app
fc_gallery by Fluxtream Capture
Provides a method to get the list of pictures from the native image gallery.
file by
Access local files, download remote files and import files from the gallery
fs by
Cross-platform filesystem access for your app
geolocation by
Access the user's location
httpd by
Simple embedded httpd for serving app assets via http: or https:
icons by
Specify icons to be used to represent the application
kumulos by Kumulos Ltd
Kumulos provides simple and easy-to-use tools build and host backend storage for apps, send push notifications, view audience and behaviour analytics and report on adoption, engagement and performance
launchimage by
Images to display while your app is loading
media by
Audio and video playback API
notification by
Display notifications to your users