Module Index

oauth by
Integrate OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect providers with your app.
parameters by
Arbitrary extra configuration which will be available as forge.config.modules.parameters in your JavaScript.
parse by configuration to enable push notifications
payments by
In-app payments
permissions by
Manage runtime permission requests in your app
platform by
Information about the platform your app is running on.
prefs by
Module to save persistent preferences
pushwoosh by Pushwoosh
Pushwoosh push notifications module
request by
Make cross domain ajax requests
share by
Use the native sharing menu to share content from your app.
sms by
Prompt the user to send SMS messages
tabbar by
Add a navigation button bar to the bottom of your app
tabs by
APIs to deal with opening browser tabs and external sites within your app
topbar by
Add a fixed navigation bar to the top of your app
tribr_multi_image_select by tribr mobile
Multiple image selector.
ui by
Miscellaneous native UI enhancements
urlhandler by
Automatically open your app from web pages or other apps by creating a custom URL scheme.