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browsersettings: Platform-agnostic browser config

accept cookies
set to true to set the application's cookie policy to accept cookies.

Media Playback

inline video
set this to true to enable inline video playback. The <video> element in the HTML document must also include the 'webkit-playsinline' attribute (iOS only).
require user action
set this to true to require the user to press 'play'. If set to false, ensure the <audio> or <video> element you want to play has the autoplay attribute set.
enable html5 audio
set this to true to enable HTML5 <audio> tag playback in the iOS webview. (iOS only)
enable background audio
set this to true to allow audio in the iOS webview to play even when the app is running in the background. (iOS only)
respect playing audio
set this to true to prevent audio being played by other apps from being muted when your app starts. (iOS only)