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geolocation: Geolocation

The forge.geolocation namespace allows you to access fine location data.

Although geolocation APIs are part of the HTML5 specification, on some platforms, the default permissions dialogs can be cumbersome. So we offer an alternative way to get geolocation data.

Config options

(iOS Only) This key lets you describe the reason your app accesses the user's location when the app is in the foreground. (more information)


forge.geolocation.getCurrentPosition(options, success, error)ΒΆ

iOS, Android

Get the user's current position.

object request specific levels of service from the location provider, currently supports "enableHighAccuracy": true to request GPS location if available
function(position) callback with an object matching the W3C Position specification
function(content) called when the user chooses not to share their location with your app


On Android this module will add the ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION permission to your app, users will be prompted to accept this when they install your app.