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httpd: Simple embedded httpd for serving app assets via http: or https:

The forge.httpd module allows you to serve your app assets via the http: or https: transport protocols rather than the file: (iOS) or content: (Android) protocols.

This is particularly useful when working with 3rd party libraries that are not transport protocol agnostic. (e.g. Angular, jQuery Mobile, Google jsAPI)

Config options

Port to launch httpd on. Leave empty to automatically choose a free port (recommended). Set to 0 to disable httpd.
URL to use as initial app page. Leave empty for default. (recommended).
Certificate Path
Path to SSL certificate. Only PKCS #12 format files are supported. (optional)
Certificate Password
Password for SSL certificate file.


Configure Trusted Urls

To use the httpd module you will also need to add an entry for the local server to the core.general.trusted_urls directive in your app's src/config.json:

"core": {
    "general": {
        "trusted_urls": [
            "*" // use https: if you've configured SSL

If you are using other remote sources in your app you will also have to add entries for those hosts.

Port Settings

While it is recommended to let the httpd module choose the port it will run on there is one scenario where you will NOT want this.

If you are using any of the HTML web storage API's such as LocalStorage, WebSQL or IndexedDB you need to ensure that every session of your app is being served from the same domain and port combination.

If you don't do this the storage API's will allocate a new, empty, database for each domain and port combination rather than re-using the database from previous sessions.

tl;dr If you're using web storage, set the port configuration to a fixed number for your app!