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media: Media file playback

The namespace allows you to play video or audio using native players.

Config options

Enable Background Audio
If this is true then audio players will continue to play even when the app is running in the background.

API, success, error)

iOS, Android

Play a video file found at a URL, fullscreen on the device. The video formats that work vary from device to device - make sure to test codec support properly!

string URL to video
function() callback to be invoked when no errors occur
function(content) called with details of any error which may occur

Note: To allow users to select or capture videos using their device you may use the file module., success, error)

iOS, Android

Create a audio player object from a media file which can then be used to play the audio.

file File object created using forge.file methods representing audio object
function(player) callback to be invoked when no errors occur (argument is a player object)
function(content) called with details of any error which may occur

Warning: For player.duration and to work properly on Android, use 128kb/s constant bit-rate MP3 files.

The audio player object returned in the success callback has the following methods, all of which take success and error callbacks in the same manner as other Forge methods:

  •, error): Begin (or resume) playing the audio file.
  • player.pause(success, error): Pause the playback of the file.
  • player.stop(success, error): Stop the playback of the file and release the audio system.
  • player.duration(success, error): Calls the success callback with the duration of the audio in seconds.
  •, success, error): Seek to the given time (in seconds) in the audio file, if the file is playing it will continue to play after seeking.
  • player.positionChanged.addListener(callback, error): Add a listener to be called when the playback position changes, will be called at most once per second while the audio is playing, the callback will be called with the time in seconds of the current playback position.
  • player.destroy(success, error): Destroy and clean up any resources used by the native audio player.


forge.file.getLocal("music.mp3", function (file) {, function (player) {;