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You are currently viewing a version of this module which is not the current active version.
Currently displaying version configuration to enable push notifications.

The parse module uses the SDK to allow for native push notifications.

Changes in this version:

  • New config option android.background-color.
  • Use big text style if there is only one Android notification
  • Fixed: Push notifications were not working on Forge beta branch.
  • Updated Parse Android SDK to v1.11.0

Supported platforms: android, ios

Latest versions

Version Changelog
  • Updated Parse Android SDK to 1.16.3
  • Updated Parse Android SDK to 1.16.2
  • Fixed: Notifications do not show on Android 8.0 when 'updateNotifications' is enabled
  • Updated Parse Android SDK to 1.15.8
  • Updated Parse iOS SDK to 1.15.1
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