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  1. Add “Pushwoosh” module to your app as per the tools documentation.

  2. Configure your project in Firebase Console.

  3. Locate the google-services.json file to the src/ folder in your project directory.

  4. Set up push notifications handler:

        function (notification) {
                alert('push received: ' + notification);
  5. Set up push registration handler:

        function (status) {
                log('registered with token: ' + status['deviceToken']);
  6. Call onDeviceReady method (make sure you call this method each time the app starts):

    For Android - pw_appid is your Pushwoosh App Id, gcm_id is your Sender ID you got from the Firebase Console

    forge.pushwoosh.onDeviceReady({"pw_appid":"XXXX-XXXX", "gcm_id":"123456789012"});

    For iOS - pw_appid is your Pushwoosh App Id

  7. Register for push notifications:


That’s it!

Pushwoosh: http://www.pushwoosh.com