Update your mobile apps at web speed Reload allows you to iterate at web speed by pushing updates to the HTML5 code in your mobile app instantly without users having to install an update.

  • Update test users without Test Flight or sending an .apk
  • Push bug fixes and features to your live users right away
  • Easily setup different user streams for A/B testing
  • Apple only allow this with a hybrid app architecture like ours
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Get started

The Reload module is enabled in newly created apps by default. To make sure you'll be able to reload updates for your users in the future, you just need to make sure your configuration includes:

It's as simple as that to get started!

To push a Reload to existing users, just use the Reload tab in the Toolkit.

  "modules": {
    "reload": true

Advanced usage

// Easily have your team-mates test pre-release code
forge.reload.switchStream("developers-only", function () {
  // Check for an update
  forge.reload.updateAvailable(function (updateAvailable) {
    if (updateAvailable) {
      alert("Reopen the app to get an update!");

You can reload all of your users, or divide them into streams for A/B testing.

Users will see the new version of your code when they switch away from your app and switch back to it: we download updated files when focus is lost and apply the changes when focus is restored.

You can control the stream an app will check for updates on using the Reload JavaScript API.

Learn more in the Reload module documentation.


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Test out building with for free with our Trial plan. We throw in a few Reloads per month so you can try the feature out.

Try Reloading

When you want to start reloading frequently to your team members or test users, you'll need to upgrade to Go Iterate or higher plans.

Reload more

A reload is counted as pushing a single update to a unique end-user. So reloading a single update to 5,000 unique users in a month would be the same count as pushing 5,000 updates to a single unique user

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