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You're going to invest a lot of time building your app. Build on a platform that will live up to it.
Garrett Gottlieb
Trigger made it dead simple for us to integrate with the native Facebook SDK and Parse for push notifications. I can't believe how much Trigger has accelerated our development! Garrett Gottlieb, Co-founder and CEO, PumpUp
Zviki Cohen setup is as simple as it should be, getting you up and running in minutes. We got everything we wanted like GeoLocation, Facebook signups, native alerts and more. Zviki Cohen (@zvikico), Co-founder and CTO, Superfly
Patrick Rudolph allows us to rapidly and easily build mobile apps using our existing experience in web technologies.... we get to use push notifications, native event listening and many more native features. Patrick Rudolph, Mobile Lead, Hojoki
Alex Schiff
Trigger is the first mobile HTML5 framework we've tried that delivers the performance we need. We had several people email us after we launched our new Trigger-powered apps complimenting us on our 'switch to native.' Alex Schiff, Co-founder and CEO, Fetchnotes
Marcus Gartner
Trigger allowed us to build an iPhone and Android app in just weeks, with ZERO platform-specific code. Trigger's support team held our hand throughout the entire process of making an app, even helping us deal with App Store. Marcus Gartner, CTO, Fanium
Paris BOO
Florent Bourgeois
We had to develop a paid and cross-platform native application. And everything had to be produced in two weeks. allowed us to meet these commitments. There is something magical about! Florent Bourgeois at Creative Area